Venue Manager

Do you like playing poker? Would you like to run your own night and help build a stronger poker community in your local area whilst receiving bonuses and access to special games?

1st Poker have a solid history of running successful poker events in Pubs and Clubs in Kent, we are looking to expand our venues, this includes affordability for venues and an exciting league structure.

Purpose of a Venue Manager:

The purpose of a venue manager is to run your chosen venue one night a week for the 26 week season. You will be expected to fill out the score sheet as the night progresses, including details of any new players and send this to your operations manager. You should settle any disagreements which may occur following the 1st Poker rules and your word will be final. You are expected to set up the tables and start on time, stay till the end of the night and clear tables etc.

Venue manager perks:

  • You will get a guaranteed seat into the 1st Poker grand final at the Casino where the prize pool is currently set at £1000 per season.
  • You will be entered into the exclusive ‘venue managers game’. This is a separate game held on the date of the final and the pot can be viewed on the website. The pot will increase as the season progresses, as the money is taken from a proportion of what 1st Poker earns each week from the venues.
  • If you win the grand final the venue you run will receive 50% off the next season (pubs only).
  • You will be issued with a 1st Poker venue manager ID card and lanyard so people know who you are and can come to you if needed.

Running a club vs a pub:

PUB: All pub games are run the same. It costs £5 per player to participate. Each player will receive 10,000 chips and when they run out of chips, or at the break (whichever comes first) they will get a free rebuy of an extra 10,000 chips. There is a payout sheet to follow when giving out the prize money at the end of the night and it is your responsibility to make sure the money is collected and given out correctly to the winner/winners. If you are running a pub you are not expected to deal with any 1st Poker invoices at all, this is done by the pub landlord themselves via the website.

CLUB: Club games vary depending on the license type of the club, any questions regarding what you can and cannot do can be brought up to your operations manager or found on the website. Clubs do not have to pay 1st poker in order for them to host a league game, instead we take money from players in the form of a participation fee. There are 2 types of license, meaning that players will be charged a participation fee of either £1 or £3 each. For this reason, we are able to play for higher stake games e.g. £13 buy in, (£10 towards the pot, £3 participation fee). The total participation fee from all the players is given to the club landlord (best done during the break as no one else can register to play after this point). The landlord will sign a receipt to state they have collected it and then send the money to 1st Poker themselves. We do not expect Venue Managers to have to handle 1st Poker money at all other than when giving it to the landlord on the night. An example of what to expect may be: There are 15 players and the buy-in is £13 (there is no re-buy this is a freezeout game), the participation fee for this club license is £3, therefore £45 is given to the landlord during the break and there is £150 in the pot for prizes. Any questions can be brought up to the operations manager who will gladly explain this process.